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  • Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Completely Responsive Design
  • Access Emails right from Gmail
  • Regular back-up
  • Chat-Bots to greet visitors.

Websites have two functions:

Announce and Conquer

Responsive Design

All websites are tuned to fit beautifully in any browser, across all devices. Text and Images are set to sizes that increases readability. The overall website will be light to load faster.

Modern Design

We incorporate modern design practices to make content look good while serving it's purpose. We encourage to-the-point content and make sure visitors have clear idea even through a swift browse.

Search Ready

Beginning with the back-end, tags and meta data, design, images and content sorting, care has been taken to make sure all search requirements are met to support better indexing.

Premium Support

Our excellent support team is ready to assist and fix any requirements of the client. We offer additional support to manage mails and set it up across all the devices. We are just a whatsapp far.

Static Website

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Static Websites display a fixed information and have a fixed content for its visitor's. Company websites, Small Business Enterprises and Group of Companies generally prefer static websites as the content do not changes regularly. Static websites have little to no maintenance.

Dynamic Website

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Dynamic Websites are built to facilitate regular updates from the website. Blogs, Socially Active Comapnies, Ngo's, Restaurents, Educational Institutions and other industries would require a system to regularly update on content on website through direct sharing or taken from their social media groups in an automated fashion.

Domain Name:

URL link that directs to your website.

Web url with your company name is crucial for visitors to know about the company, blog or personal portfolio all by themselves. A good domain name is vital for achieving better online presence. A simple company name or individual name can attract more customers. Domain name has to be relevant.



Server where website, datatbase and emails reside.

Hosting your website on a right server makes all the difference in user experience. A server with supporting OS, RAM and Data capabilities should reach the demand. Smooth functioning of mails for day to day works, database access for files and analytics depend on hosting server specifications. We will guide you to choose the right one.



SSL Certificate

Almost all browsers call out websites to be not safe or secure if they do not have an SSL Certificate. There are different SSL Certificates depending on the type of website. It secures through encryption of content, data transfer through payment gateway and assurance to visitor.


Use your business mail effortlessly with G-Suite

Proistic highly recommends all its user’s to use G-Suite of business emails. Along with the website package, you will receive few email id’s through G-Suite absolutely Free. Along with mails, users can use Hangouts to Chat, Share files through Drive and many more.

Content Writing

Short and to the point.

Website content is what lets the visitor know about the company. Best content would describe services and company info with few lines each. This saves visitor time and increases user retention. Our content will support SEO too. We aim at reaching high readability score.

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